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  1. Please help italian vapers and sign the petition. The situation is really bad in Italy at the moment. They already passed a law for a tax of 0.39€/ml of any type of e-liquid and base (with or without nicotine). 10 ml of e-liquid is going to cost 10€. A 60 ml e-liquid is going to be 60€. On 1 liter of base you are going to pay 390€ just of taxes!!! NO to the Vicari amendment, which provides for nicotine and electronic cigarettes under Monopoly. https://www.change.org/p/pietro-grasso-no-all-emendamento-vicari-che-vede-nicotina-e-sigarette-elettroniche-sotto-monopolio The Fifth Senate Commission approved the amendment proposed by Senator Simona Vicari, an alphaniana Senator, which establishes the transition of nicotine and electronic cigarettes under the State Monopoly. An unprecedented blow. Vaping goes under the control of the State Monopoly (that is the only one authorized to sell tabacco, cigarettes, alcohol, etc). The Alphanians headed by Senator Simona Vicari managed to complete their monopolistic design. In a regulatory landscape in which politics works to relieve the tight monopoly on industrial and commercial activities (see Siae, buses and taxis), only vaping goes against the tide. The hands of the State have (for the moment) succeeded in grasping a sector that has driven the economy but, above all, capable of destroying the supremacy of combusted tobacco in the space of a few decades. Perhaps that is the problem. The extreme interest that multinationals have shown in recent months in damage reduction instruments, whether electronic cigarettes or tobacco heaters, Iqos to put it mildly. Although she has tried several times, the Senator, through her spokesperson, has always refused to explain publicly the political rationale of the amendment. The Fifth Senate Commission approved the endament proposed by Senator Simona Vicari. It seems to have been presented again with an additional article on revenue over the original version, which seems to have been the key to the vote on this amendment. As we have already said, a completely new scenario is opening up for the entire sector. The sale and distribution of products with nicotine will be the prerogative of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, Monopoly area. Products may only be sold under license. Existing open traders who have a dominant activity in the sale of these products will be able to continue to sell. However, Aams will have until 31 March 2018 to prepare the rules and requirements for the licence to be maintained and to issue new ones. During the transitional period until the decree is amended, existing shops may continue to operate. According to the approved amendment, they will close all websites which are designed for the sale of nicotine and electronic cigarettes to private individuals. According to the projections made in the amendment, the revenue for public finances from this solution is EUR 9,5 million. The associations are in these hours committed to understand who may have worked in the shadows for this amendment to be approved. Certainly, the big beneficiaries are tobacco shops to which tobacco multinationals present in the vaping chain are added, able to structure a capillary network of sales and supply. If the Senate were to approve the normative text definitively, the game would pass to the Chamber of Deputies in the coming weeks. Senator Simona Vicari resigned in May from her office as Under-Secretary of Infrastructure following a warning about the suspicion that she had tabled an amendment reducing VAT on maritime transport from 10% to 4% in exchange for two valuable watches.
  2. SimoneITA

    Oumier Wasp RDA review

    2nd try met parallel coil op de Nano Wasp. Lekker aroma! SS316L 26GA op 3 mm diameter.
  3. SimoneITA

    Binnen dampen in openbare plekken

    Bedankt voor jullie antwoorden, het duidelijker nu :) Ik weet een cafe waar ik wel kan dampen binnen... maar ik zal verder naar buiten gaan of naar de stinkende rookruimtes.
  4. SimoneITA

    Binnen dampen in openbare plekken

    https://www.laleggepertutti.it/180520_sigaretta-elettronica-negli-uffici-e-locali-pubblici https://translate.google.it/translate?sl=it&tl=nl&js=y&prev=_t&hl=it&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.laleggepertutti.it%2F180520_sigaretta-elettronica-negli-uffici-e-locali-pubblici&edit-text=
  5. hallo, ik weet dat je Italië bijna overal kan dampen, trein bussen bars universiteitsbibliotheek etc. Hoe is dat in nederland? Is het hier toegestaan om in restaurants, cafes, clubs, etc te dampen? ciao!
  6. SimoneITA


    Ik heb een Goon 22mm geordend vandaag. Goedkoop 50% discount op alles originale Goon RDAs. Euro special Air mail - Line 2 verzenden. Kijk hoe laat het aankome.
  7. SimoneITA

    Stel jezelf voor!

    Hallo, ik ben Simone en ik kom uit Italie maar ik woon in Nederland. Excuses voor mijn slechte nederlands. Ik vape sinds anderhalve maand, na 10 jaar rooken. Ik houd van DIY zo Ik ben begonnen met RDA en Bottom Feeder. Ik heb een Pico Squeeze met Speed Revolution voor MTL (het beste om me te helpen stoppen met roken) en Nano Wasp voor pret :D Ik houd van coils maken en controleren met een Ohm meter. Lots of fun! Ik maak ook e-liquids: organic tabak extract (Azhad en La Tabaccheria aroma's zijn mijn favorieten) voor MTL, fruitig en romig voor flavour chasing. Ciao!