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  1. Hier ook alleen glazen flesjes, maakt ook nog eens makkelijker schoon. Bovendien kan ik me zo ongeveer voorstellen wat de smaakstoffen die bekend staan als tankcrackers met plastic flesjes doet. Lijkt me ook niet zo lekker.
  2. Mirte


    Mijn ogen zijn ook niet meer wat ze geweest zijn, daarom gebruik ik deze. Echt ideaal! ..en woest aantr..............
  3. Heel erg goed nieuws! Bedankt allemaal en veel succes!
  4. Mirte


    Fijne tijd Tessa!
  5. Over plantaardig gesproken, dan is dit ook nog wel interessant om te lezen: "Atmos Lab's Tobacco Flavoured Eliquids are Pesticides free. Atmos Lab performed this type of chemical analysis in the accredited, for ISO 17025 International Standard, "Food and Environmental Analysis Center" located in Patras, Greece under the supervision of Dr. Dimitrios Anastasiou. Analysis took place to determine residue of 112 compounds which cover the pesticides range used today in agricultural production. Atmos Lab uses pure aromatic molecules diluted in appropriate solvents, laboratory made, in cooperation with experienced Greek flavourists. We do not use natural extracts from fruits and tobacco just because we know that this procedure can give a mix of useful and risky compounds in the extract. Maceration of fruits or leaves, even if someone uses a mix of alcohol-PG-water solvent, offer an extract having just a few aroma inside. On the other hand, we can take mainly in this extract the water-soluble compounds and some other solids that exist on the surface of the fruit. In some cases, these compounds can produce transformations of their molecules under specific (not very rare) conditions of temperature, humidity etc. All these are NOT flavour but "other unknown" material. Fruit and vegetables (and of course tobacco) need tons of pesticides according to the regular methods followed by farmers. We are not talking for well organized industrial production but for agricultural production made by farmers. And this is what we are afraid of. What we also avoid by using pure aromatic molecules is this: Allergens Natural extracts contain usually all these sensitizing compounds that can produce allergic reaction to the users who consume this (or inhale, when we are talking for ecig vapor)." Bron: http://atmoslab.com/en/announcement/atmos-labs-tobacco-flavours-are-pesticides-free
  6. "Why Atmos Lab does not have "organic" products? Atmos Lab does not produce organic products for very simple reasons: The first one is to avoid "fraud" against vape community. The second one is to avoid extremely high costs for final products. Let's clear up some things for "organics" and all organic-claims in the market: Organic means that no pesticides or other chemicals are used for the production of this product in any step.The production of organic products takes place in a separate establishment to normal non-organic products. This is the general rule followed internationally for organics. Let's focus on eliquids now: Propylene Glycol can not be organic as it is produced in Chemical Industry. Glycerin in the market is 100% vegetable glycerin. The word "vegetable" confuses people as they believe that there is "vegetable" and "non-vegetable" glycerin. The whole glycerin has vegetable origin. 99% of vegetable glycerin is produced in biofuel industry: Glycerin is the greater subproduct, useless for biofuel, which is gathered and refined to produce pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin. The rest of 1% of vegetable glycerin is produced through thermal process (hydrolysis) of palm oil. The price of this glycerin of 99.5% is about 40 times higher than the normal USP-EP-BP glycerin of 99.7% purity. Nicotine is extracted by tobacco leaves. As we know very well, tobacco is a very sensitive plant and for its growth many pesticides are used. This is the main reason, no tobacco is certified as organic after testing(chemical analysis). In USA, every single tobacco producer having a total income of a maximum 5000$ can sell its tobacco as organic without chemical analysis, having the only restriction not to use "USDA organic" labeling on the product package. The exact text from USDA's website: ATTRA points out that very small suppliers, those earning less than $5000.00 annually from their crops, do not need to submit to inspection and certification. In this case, the farmer can legally sell tobacco as organic, but cannot market to processors or use the USDA organic seal. Flavours are concentrated mixtures of aromatic molecules in several solvents such as glycerin, ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, propylene glycol, triacetin and other solvents. Organic flavours that exist in the market, use organic glycerin and organic ethyl alcohol. That is a fact. the reason of strength in organic flavours is the percentage of volatile ethyl alcohol used. After a while, ethyl alcohol vapours escape bottle and flavour becomes weaker. Eliquids having nicotine can not be organic in any way. There is no organic nicotine (it is like saying "vegetable meat"). This is the reason no Organic Certificate exists in any website claiming "Organic Eliquids". Atmos Lab aims the well informed vapers of vaping community. Those who want the real truth. Organics are the option of consumers to avoid chemicals and pesticides. When those chemicals do not exist in extended lab analysis taking place every month, you have the same quality product, although it is not "organic". In other words, "organic" does not mean that there are no TSNAs or PAHs inside; a lab analysis must take place to give such information. Even if our products have the same analysis data to "organics" we can not claim "organic-like" because this claim is only a marketing trick for eliquids." Bron: http://atmoslab.com/en/faq#t31n122 Er bestaat dus niet zoiets als organische liquid of een liquid wat een (bijna volledig?) natuurproduct is.
  7. Geen idee, ik ken alleen de bitter wizard. Hoop dat iemand anders je kan helpen :)
  8. Om de zoete smaak terug te brengen: http://www.dampforum.nu/index.php?topic=10882.msg307598#msg307598
  9. Oh, dat is wel heel erg! Fijn dat het opgelost is! :Juicey
  10. Andrea heeft 'm wel: http://www.ecigsmart.nl/nl/521-perfumer-s-apprentice-aroma-s-4ml?p=2
  11. FlavourArt komt van Italië. Er bestaat dus niet zoiets als de Nederlandse variant. Verder kun je veel informatie over de inhoud vinden op hun site. http://flavourartexpress.biz/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=260
  12. Ja nee maar toch, je hebt 't adres van de eigenaar neem ik aan? Dat wordt dan Dampmeeting 3 ...........................................................................
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