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  1. So i have to Leave to my Family if you have Any test sent tham to me by email. thank you for time and hope you order more than before after you public the tests. best regards lothar
  2. Dear Karin I do my work and i am here to help, I do 100 % my service.This is the reason Why i sell over Europe and have over 5000 Customer. please wait for Results .I have from every Batch resettable pattern. but i Know the Results will be Same as i Write Before clear fresh base with pharmacy raw Material you Can use gc or what ever. lothar
  3. Dear j0b we don't produce 20 cartons as one batch a lot people has the batches and are glad without any problems . please wait for laboratory results from Netherlands Please ventilate bottles and test again. best regards
  4. Dear Dekale16 if you read more or the last messages from this post than you will read that the user or mixer find his fault and excuses his post. if I deny a problem why I am here and help with my power best regards Lothar
  5. Dear Maria every people hast different taste and smell somebody say fish somebody ,say motor oil ,somebody say smell nothing. we use pharma usp nicotine that you can use in chewing gum,sticker and in n bases. best regards
  6. Dear Karin there is not a problem .I can lay my hands on fire for my products.The base is from 0 to 100 % a pharmacy product and quality. i don't deny the problem the base is fresh Produced and you have ventilate the bottle.There is no fresh air in the bottle closed with nitrogen for maximum durability . i have over 5000 customer over Europe and over 3000 Ratings . i believe and I am glad that you let test in a laboratory in Netherlands . than you will hear there is the freshest base that you ever hold in your hands. i give maximum q
  7. Dear Karin very good that you sent my base for testing to a lab.My quality is pharma quality and I am happy that the interest from Netherlands is big. i have answered your question pure nicotine is smelling and all bases are fresh produced .I don't use warehouse goods .My base will be produced and shipped straight out. here are all titration from any charge that I selling. http://www.owl-dampfer.de/Laborberichte-Titrationsergebnisse All certification you can download there too. if you need more information like secure dat
  8. Pure nicotine smells every time if you work with nicotine you know that.The base is mixed on that day which is standing on the sticker .Very fresh base . Fresh base you can let over night to breath. if you mix your wish base the smell will be gone . if you mix high viscosity bases like 70 30 or 95 5 that better mix it on the mixer . best regards Lothar
  9. Hallo wie auch beschrieben ist die Bunkerbase frisch angesetzt. Wenn einer pures Nikotin gerochen hat wird er das wissen das Nikotin nicht geruchlos ist. Vg Basen mischen sich nicht gut und sollten angewärmt gut gemixt werden . Man kann nicht 10 ml nehmen und auf eine Vg lästige Base Pg 48 drauf kippen und mit der Hand 2 mal schütteln und denkt es reicht .Die Base ist unter Stickstoff abgefüllt. Die Base auch mal eine Nacht offen stehen lassen.Gut verrühren und ganz wichtig sauber arbeiten. zum Desinfizieren bitte eine 60 70 prozentigen Alkohol Lös
  10. Hello I am here to help . First every people has different taste and smell.Fresh Base and mix with higher vg is problematic without heating. Please heat vg up to 40-45 degrees and shake very well in s mixer. handshaking is not good enough the pg 48 is not mixed good with mixtures like 70 30 Vg Pg or Dripperbase bets regards
  11. Hello i am from Owl Dampfer is there anybody who Can Speek German that i Can try help best regards
  12. Hello i am from Owl and steam Since 5 years i am glad to be here lothar
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