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  1. I'm very much in on instagram. Thank you for the opportunity ?
  2. Very promising RDTA. Looking forward in reviewing this one
  3. Awww... really wanted to give this one a try. Great tank for a review.
  4. I think this one isn't gonna make it. It's not that a busy forum.
  5. 1. Share your impression about UD brand & products. - I'm very pleased with the wire.2. What features do you like most about this Simba Ceramic tank? - The RBA head and Juice control.3. What coil do you prefer to, OCC or ceramic coil? Why? - OCC, unless UD can change my mind flavor wise.
  6. I'm in the giveaway. I hope my 286 entries are enough to win. Fingers crossed
  7. Yesterday I've received my Griffin from you guys. Must say it's a damn good RTA. Now I really need to have the new Griffin as well.... can live with the knowledge I'm missing out on some awesomeness.
  8. 1) I really like the ejuice control and the Velocity deck. It has more room for clapton coils than the Crius 2) They take the best ideas in the business and put them in one awesome product.
  9. 1) The large build deck and the top fill I like the most about this tank. 2) Innovative brand with quality vaping products.
  10. This is a really nice looking mod
  11. Dhl works awesome. Last time I had my Heavengifts vapemail within 2 days.
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