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  1. Parman

    Zample Box

    hey man, really thanks for this, i want to try that zamples :D Thank you all for Help me ;)
  2. Parman

    Zample Box

    there is no other way to pay for it?
  3. I have around 350m of ss304 0.4mm on the TC in the evic mini its the best vaping ;-) If you want i can send you some one meter for testing ;-) Normal trc for SS is 80-200 for Ti is 300-400 You can also use it on VW mode
  4. Parman

    Zample Box

    Hey guys i need credit Card for the zamplebox? Wysłane z czegoś tam gdzies tam.
  5. ohhh nice :D last time i see pure nicotin :D 99.6% but i was scarry to buy it :D And you know when they gonna put 4,8% on the market ;>? Im whant to do, somtheing like a 4000ml of base of 9 mg, so i will need to buy like a 1350ml of 3,6%... Or order it form U.S.A. Somebody was ordering from some webshob from us? @Marco You can read this what is whriteing on the site what i give?
  6. @Marco And you know where i can buy like 100-50mg/ml? In savevape.nl they can send the liquid in NL? I heard there is a new rules and you can send maximum 10ml of max 20mg/ml, how it is ?
  7. hi guys, im speaking only English :D I want to buy nicotine base in NL, and i don't know where i can get it ;( May by you have some good shop to buy it Please help ;)
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