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  1. Thanks @TheRich, they seem to have no concentrates for mixing but do have some other juices already mixed.
  2. Hey everyone, Apologies that this is in English, and please feel free to reply in Dutch, I do understand and read it perfectly, just my grammar etc sucks. I'm looking for Malaysian concentrates/liquids. They have some great fruit flavours that I find to be better than the CAP sweet lychee etc. Specifically Frandy, Raw etc. Anyone know where I can find these in the EU maybe?
  3. Hi Richtrip, yes I speak afrikaans, from South Africa. I'm fine with understanding and reading Dutch if someone talks or types, it's just the speaking and writing part that is difficult. :) Thanks, if you do find that area, please let me know
  4. Verskoon asb, ek spreek niet zo goed Nederlands, so I will type this in English. On my other forum we had an area valled "vape mail" where you could show your new gear that you got and new juice. I didn't find one here so I thought I would post it here. Got the SX mini M class today from @bootsman70 and then also my Zamplebox came in the mail!! :) Very excited to try all the new juice and the new device! Thank you bootsman for the tank as well
  5. Very nice @guyanne, that is a great collection! I also have the RM2 and a loki lab Odin. The odin however I use for dual coils and on certain juices as it drains the battery a lot faster. Do you have a photo of your collection? I will order another one I think next year some time. I want to get a LP SL, probably a nice black one or white with a blue door. His services is great yes and the devices are really easy to use and fix if something goes wrong
  6. Hi Guyanne, Very nice! Which ones do you have? I have a Reo Grand LP, best device I've ever owned! Where did you buy yours from? Is there an easy way to get them here? Any problems with shipping?
  7. Hi Rick, Unfortunately I am not familiar with the clones. I can however say that the money spent on the Reo was worth it! You also have close to zero voltage drop because of the way the device is built! I haven't made any rda bottom fed myself by I have a rm2 and a odin that I use currently. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  8. Is there anyone on the site that uses a Reo mod? It is a mechanical device that uses bottom feed to get the liquid to the dripper. http://www.reosmods.com/ Here is a video showing how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqNcDcl1Dfc I personally use one and it is my every day device. There are many advantages to it, I have the flavour of a dripper but also 5ml of juice to easily use and change as I want.
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