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  1. Kayfun V4 Manufacturer: OEM Material: SS Connection: 510 Diameter: 22mm Control of the air flow, control flow of fluids, 510 pin. Electhinker team. Now We have 8%OFF for it . just $19.72
  2. DNA D2 Mini DNA D2 Mini http://www.electhinker.com/search.action?keyword=937173+969044+335925+740412+726269# Manufacturer: OEM Material: aluminum and brass connector Setting strength in the range 7-35W. Supports 0.3-2.2ohm heaters. Uses 18650 battery, you can charge via USB port. Available in several colors. Electhinker team. [img width=300 height=168]http://i62.tinypic.com/11jrcqx.jpg[img width=300 height=168]http://i61.tinypic.com/33uxysi.jpg[img width=300 height=168]http://i59.tinypic.com/34j3vrr.jpg[img width=300 height=168]http://i61.tinypic.com/2zs1b1y.jpg[im
  3. Tobh V2.5 clone Material: copper Diameter: 22mm Connection: 510 (copper) [img width=300 height=168]http://i60.tinypic.com/odbf7.jpg[img width=300 height=168]http://i60.tinypic.com/24b8db9.jpg[img width=300 height=168]http://i58.tinypic.com/nwykon.jpg [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7a4cWqTj1o
  4. Reviews for Mephisto RDA (clone) :hi Video reviews for Mephisto RDA [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6lhO3KYOds Mephisto RDA Snowflake wood mod $34.78 Snowflake wood mod $34.78 [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201412/118858/118858_350.jpg Manufacturer : Cigreen Material: wood + copper connection (floating): 510 Diameter: 24mm Snowflake is a mod inspired (or semi-cloned) Ebony wooden fashion (Fairy mode) that produces a South Korean company Jinamods. It consists of: copper tube, two wooden tube that was "dragged" ac
  5. Hana clone DNA30 Black $34.02 Hana clone DNA30 Black $34.02 Manufacturer : Simeiyue Material: aluminum Colur:black/blue/orange/grey/green/red Connection: 510 Micro USB charger. 7-30W 4-8.3V 0.5-3.3ohm Recommendation: use with sony VTC4 or VTC5 batteries. Electhinker team.
  6. Hi guy, We are so glad to become a member of dampforum and hope we could have better service. So we really need a part-time jobber to be our Netherlands Offical Representative because we here no one knows Dutch. Some simple and basic requiremants: 1 Must be a member of this forum; 2 Could read both English and Dutch; 2 Know something about our site(ELecthinker.com); 3 Being interested in E-cigarette and know something about it. If you are interested in this offer, please kindly reply this post or directly mail to cooperate@electhinker.com. Please set the subject with "Part-time job
  7. Vision Spinner 2 Mini Vision Spinner 2 Mini Manufacturer : OEM Model: Spinner II mini Capacity: 850mAh Color: black, blue, red, silver, white battery charge indicator. Variable voltage (variable voltage) battery with 510 and eGo connection. Adjusting the voltage between 3.3V and 4.8 V is done by turning the wheel that is positioned at the bottom of the battery. Electhinker team. UGO-T UGO-T [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201412/365045/365045_350.jpg Manufacturer : OEM kliromizera Capacity: 2.8ml Battery
  8. Electhinker Hot E-cig Brand Promotion Sell Hello, everyone! We now have some new Brand Atomizer and startrt-kits listed at Electhinker
  9. Electhinker Year End big deal !! Save 10% on any purchase at Electhinker[​IMG] Coupon Code :VAPINCHEAP Link:Http://www.electhinker.com Expired:2014/12/31
  10. 35% off For Simeiyue SMY Stainless Steel Nemesis Mechanical MOD , Just for Forums members! Coupon code: ELEFORUMSA Expired:2014/12/15 What are you waiting for ? Simeiyue SMY Stainless Steel Nemesis Mechanical MOD(Silvery+Gold) - WorldWide Free Shipping [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201406/112774/112774_350.jpg [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201406/972031/972031_350.jpg[img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201406/785318/785318_350.jpg
  11. New Arrival !! EGO II MEGA E Cigarette Starter Kits Black(Lumia Edition) EGO II MEGA E Cigarette Starter Kits Black(Lumia Edition) Doge V2 Style Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - Copper Doge V2 Style Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - Copper [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201412/697333/697333_350.jpg E cig Asvape DBTwist battery e cigarette battery Black http://www.electhinker.com/E-cig-Asvape-DBTwist-battery-e-cigarette-battery-Black-s975300.html [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201412/97
  12. EGO II MEGA E Cigarette Starter Kits http://www.electhinker.com/EGO-II-MEGA-E-Cigarette-Starter-Kits-s113627.html High Quality Etunes Bluetooth E Cigarette http://www.electhinker.com/High-Quality-Etunes-Bluetooth-E-Cigarette-s209220.html [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201412/209220/209220_7.jpg Weekly new promotion ! 24% OFF 453 Atomizer 1.6ml Atomizer Resistance 2.0ohm http://www.electhinker.com/promotion-detail.html?restId=141 [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201404/423579/423579_1.jpg
  13. New Arrival! New coming 2014 best e cig EZ FONE Mod electronic cigarette innovation ecig mod http://www.electhinker.com/New-coming-2014-best-e-cig-EZ-FONE-Mod-electronic-cigarette-innovation-ecig-mod-s358160.html [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201411/358160/358160_8.jpg[img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201411/358160/358160_4.jpg[img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201411/358160/358160_3.jpg[img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201411/358160/358160_2.jpg An
  14. Black Friday Deal Days Up to 40% Off Select Styles + Free Gift for Electronic Cigarette Reviews http://www.electhinker.com/blackFriday2014.html
  15. New Arrival! Aerotank Giant Style 2.0ohm Dual coil Clearomizer kit http://www.electhinker.com/Aerotank-Giant-Style-2-0ohm-Dual-coil-Clearomizer-kit-s918100.html [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201411/918100/918100_2.jpg [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201411/918100/918100_3.jpg [img width=300 height=300]http://www.electhinker.com/productimg/201411/918100/918100_4.jpg Hobo V2 Style Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer - Silver http://www.electhinker.com/Hobo-V2-Style-Rebuildable-Dripping-Atomizer---Silver-s173304.html
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