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  1. all modern chargers are very good with batteries. especially the efest Luc and the nitecore series. I own both a Luv v2 and a nitecore 4i they can both re-live the batteries if you drain them below 2.5v and especially on the nitecore the charging time is so fast...just remember if you get the nitecore to each time set the charging to "low"when you insert 18350 and smaller battieries. fast charging time at those mAmp levels will damage your battery life.
  2. VG is a thicker liquid than PG. usually in factory made atomizers, people use 50/50 PG/Vg liquids for better performance, as these atomizers have limited liquid feeding capabilities. the thicker just VG juices are mostly used in RDA (dripping atomizers) and other rebuildables with juice feeding control. So most probably when using just Vg in your kanger atomizer you are not getting the right taste because only a small portion of eliquid passes through the feeding holes and you are burning some cotton along with your juice, so you will most probably need a replacement atomizer sooner that
  3. +1 for the Aspire Nauftilus, but get the new BVC atomisers, they are way better than the old ones...
  4. erlprinz on preorder and delivery next week @ vapexperience...go go go :D i have seen the fasttech clones and the 20$ one looks decent, but in my opinion i would rather get an official clone or son of the queen (erlprinz), than a bastard clone or son of the queen (fasttech)... hmm.. that queen was a very busy woman ;) i hope that the prince does vape better than the fasttech clones :D
  5. my mother-in-law just started e-smoking and i got her the Aspire Nautilus mini BVC atomiser along with a eLeaf battery box which gives her a full day of charge and bottom vertical coils improve the taste a lot. just a thought, all the other options mentioned so far are also very good :)
  6. if you like menthol flavours, the best e-liquid series out there is Zetel's Umami https://www.facebook.com/zetel.umami (thats the guy that makes them). Lots of menthol flavours to choose from, but i am unsure which webshops in northern europe have them available. I can direct you here: http://www.nexxton-ecig.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=77_106 just to check on prices and flavours (you can change the language in the top right section of the webpage to english) I tried most of them and i personally love the Frostberry flavour... Also they are so thick that you can put on 1
  7. high end mod with a fantastic switch? thats easy: lernaia hydra by elcigart: http://elcigart.com/en/all-products/27 excellent quality mod + the best switch i have used so far (1 own a prince of darkness edition one) Nanos by mmvapors: http://mmvapors.com/page/default.asp?id=64&la=1&ctID=70&prID=698#.VDU86vmSyoE and http://mmvapors.com/page/default.asp?id=63&la=1&ctID=59 rhodium contacts and many customizing options and you can order your own engraving on the tube and personalize it, also check in the 'special' editions in their site if you dare! and as a bonus they ha
  8. if you are looking for a cheap solution i would also go for fasttech. the best RDAs in fasttech at the moment are: Tobh atty 1:1 magma 1:1 veritas 1:1 have them all and their vape is excellent in single and dual coil builds as for a good mechanical, most of the fasttech ones are decent, i have a stingray-x clone and a 4nine which i can vouch for, but there are many hard hitting mods there too.
  9. personally i have tried many RTA (tank atomisers), but currently own only kayfuns (lite+, 3,1 and 2,1), even though i'm waiting to get my erlprinz. the SquapeR i have used it for a week and found it pretty good, but very overpriced in my opinion as it has nothing more to offer (except a bit airier draw) from the kayfun lite plus. the erlkonigin had an excellent vape and would recommend it to anyone, even though its accessories are ridiculously overpriced also. i have also tried the Eviva (http://www.atmistique.gr/index.php?page=shop.product_details&category_id=35&flypage=flypage_ima
  10. the Dreadnought is my only 26650 mod and i must say that i love its vape...its a bit Malaysian style (huge clouds, lung hits only) but the flavor it produces is very intense. I build it with 2xmicrocoil in parallel but siting next to each other (.32 kanthar, 0.9Ω each for a total of 4,5Ω) and use japanese cotton pads. I still cannot handle it with the airholes fully open :D It is also useful for building your arm muscles at its a real exercise to vape this mod (so damn heavy)!!!
  11. is the Erlprinz available to any dutch online store yet?
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