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  1. Thxalot €7 Moet wachten tot Volgende maand Dr.Arm.
  2. I read and speak dutch, maar om het te schrijven is een andere verhaal. I call it Nederengels Thanxalot for the welkomst Doc
  3. Hi after 30 years of smoking too much, and after my girlfriend got diagnosed with cancer almost 5 years ago, we decided to try vaping instead we are still using the Kanger protank2 and the mini atomizers on ego batteries I'm still a sucker for smoking cigars though great active forum I like CU around I guess Doc 48 Not Dutch Utrecht
  4. 10 empty 100 ml hansen e-juice bottles free for the diy e liquid maker Gratis avtehalen in utrecht msg me Doc Utrecht
  5. I just realized that the dampersprotest on the 29Th In Utrect was LAST year Silly me
  6. pay more, pay more I'm poor Doc
  7. Hi thanxalot for all the replies will check links what deliverytime can i expect from fasttech ? Got a friend with a subtank mini, he might want it ceeya in utrecht on the 29th Doc
  8. The glass on my toptank mini broke a while ago Today I recieved a new glass (for subtank mini) but to my dissapointment it didn't fit the glass was too long zwoofs told me they have trid but still not managed to sort toptank mini replacement glass. anyone coming to utrecht on the 29th that could help me out? thx Doc
  9. Bargainvapour has the best prices for 100ml liquids (15€) I have used them for several years Great customer Service And Never a problem with delivery to utrecht Max 2 days with ups Dr.No. Utrecht (Sorry for the english)
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